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2009 Indian Creek Study by EQR to identify pollution sources and possible mitigation and restoration projects.

Indian Creek - Photo: COG Indian Creek Watershed Info

Recent Events around Indian Creek

CCRIC is part of the Anacostia Watershed Network

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Meetings are usually held every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. Please check the schedule below.
Oct. 2014
Tue. 28 7 PM - 9 PM CCRIC Agenda items:
  • CCRIC governance:
    • Select interim chair person
    • Select liaison with City of Greenbelt / Community Center (I can do that)
    • Annual Meeting - decide on date > 3 months ahead, plan for guest speaker
    • Monthly meetings in 2015
  • FBI at Greenbelt Metro - updates
  • Nazario activity at Sunnyside Avenue
  • Indian Creek Stream monitoring - stream gauge data gathering
  • Partnership between CCRIC and a coalition or AWS, Sierra Club and Audubon Naturalist Society

Organizations mentioned:
AWS - Anacostia Watershed Society

Last Update: Oct. 28, 2014 (Lutz Rastätter).