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Painting of Rain Barrels in August 2004

Preparation of the barrels:

the white barrels

A large hole in the top had been cut to receive water from the roof downspout, for a garden hose, a tap to take out water and for a hose to connect to an adjacent barrel to receive overflow.

painting the barrels Painting the barrels:

Now the task is to paint the barrels so they will blend in with their new environment.
A light-green spray-on paint was selected. The paint has to stick to the plastic and should not fade in the sunlight, so a light shade was selected.

We were lucky that the day was not too humid with light winds. It was hot, so the shade of the trees was welcome.

Three volunteers sprayed the barrels two times. The paint was fast-drying so we could see the results on the first barrels as soon as we finished the first coat on all the barrels. The second coat was allowed to dry overnight before the hardware items (taps, hoses) were installed.
Barrel with hose and tap

The 10 barrels that were painted were intended for use by the Town of Berwyn Heights for the town council building.

The next day we came back and installed the taps and garden hoses in the prepared holes. Threaded couplings fitted into the holes and were secured with silicone. Near the top, each barrel received one of the black corrugated tubes that allows a connection to another barrel. Finished barrles next to roof downspout

Assembled barrels