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Statistical data on the Indian Creek Watershed ( - EMPACT page)

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Provisional List of Resident and Migratory Fishes Collected or Expected in Indian Creek, 1898 - 2003 (COG, 3rd Draft)

Species Origin Status Collected or Expected
(1898 - 2000)
Lampreys (Pteromyzontidae)
1.American brook lamprey N R H,?
2.Least brook lamprey N R P
3.Sea lamprey N M P,?
Eels (Anguillidae)
4.American eel N M/R H,?
Herrings (Clupeidae)
5.Gizzard shad N R H,?
6.Blueback herring N M H,?
7.Alewife N M H,?
Pikes (Esocidae)
8.Chain pickerel N R H,?
9.Redfin pickerel N R P
Mudminnows (Umbridae)
10.Eastern mudminnow N R H,?
Minnows (Cyprinidae)
11.Common carp I R H,?
12.Goldfish I R H,?
13.Silverjaw minnow N R H,?
14.Cutlips minnow N R H,?
15.River chub N R P
16.Golden shiner N R H,?
17.Rosyside dace N R P
18.Ironcolor shiner N R H,?
19.Bridle shiner N R P
20.Swallowtail shiner N R H,?
21.Rosyface shiner N R P
22.Spotfin shiner N R H,?
23.Satinfin shiner N R H,?
24.Common shiner N R H,?
25.Spottail shiner N R H,?
26.Eastern silvery minnow N R P
27.Bluntnose minnow N R P
28.Blacknose dace N R H,?
29.Longnose dace N R H,?
30.Northern creek chub N R P
31.Fallfish N R H,?
Suckers (Catostomidae)
32.Creek chubsucker N R H,?
33.White sucker N R H,?
34.Northern hogsucker N R P
35.Shorthead redhorse N R P,?
Catfishes (Ictaluridae)
36.Yellow bullhead N R H,?
37.Brown bullhead N R H,?
38.Tadpole madtom N R P
39.Margined madtom N R P
Silversides (Atherinidae)
40.Inland silversides N R P
Killifishes (Fundulidae)
41.Mummichog N R P
42.Banded killifish N R P
43.Sheepshead minnow N R H,?
Livebearers (Poeciliidae)
44.Eastern mosquitofish N R P
Striped basses (Moronidae)
45.White perch N R P,?
Sunfishes (Centrarchidae)
46.Bluespotted sunfish N R P,?
47.Green sunfish N R H,?
48.Bluegill sunfish IP R H,?
49.Redbreast sunfish N R H,?
50.Longear sunfish N R H,?
51.Pumpkinseed sunfish N R H,?
52.Largemouth bass I R H,?
53.Black crappie N R H
Perches (Percidae)
54.Tessellated darter N R H,?
55.Shield darter N R P
56.Log perch N R P
Total No. of Historical/Current Species 55/36

Key Abbreviations:
N = native; I = introduced; IP = probably introduced; R = resident; M = migratory; H = historical presence documented; P = probable historical presence; * = collected since 1988

Source: Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (2003)